About The Laced-Up Project

Laced-Up Boutique Utrecht

The boutique has a very warm and welcoming environment that’s a kink & sex positive safe space.

In 2008 Sarah Mobley, a designer, stylist & activist opened its doors. Her motivation and our ongoing mission is towards building a community guided by the principals of Safe, Sane & Consensual.

The Laced-Up brand is best known for exquisite corsetry but we also produce leather and latex clothing plus fetish tools & toys. Further we curate an ever evolving collection by other noted designers in a range of price points to suit every budget.

Upstairs features masculine & feminine lingerie, fetish & party clothing from XXS to 5XL+ and a huge range of accessories. Our body positive approach is best summed up as Sexy Comes in All Sizes!

There’s always a skilled stylist on duty and this service is complimentary. Lingerie & fetish wear requires fitting which is why we don’t sell most of our clothing online. Come see it, touch it and try it on. Pick your style then we’ll measure you to help find an outfit that makes you feel confident. Our team is very experienced working with people who have body image issues or are new to expressing their sensuality through clothing. Nothing is sexier than confidence!

If you’re shy or you need discretion, Sarah and her team are also available for Private Shopping outside of boutique hours.

Our cellar is filled with tools, toys, educational books and a bit of art. We’ve developed a series of educational slideshows and our team is extremely knowledgeable in the safe use of everything we carry. Many of these items will soon be available in our new web shop.

Laced-up is so much more than just a store…


The Laced-Up Institute for Alternative Sexual Education organizes workshops around kink & sexuality. The workshops are low-threshold and are suitable for beginners and intermediate players. You can find more information about the different workshops on our event page.


Laced-Up’s United Utrecht Perverts 🙂 is the centre of the vibrant kinky community of Utrecht. Our forum currently has more than 3400 members. We support the community with the organisation of events and meets.

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