To get as much fun out of the many uses and possibilities of a cane it’s important to purchase a quality cane and to maintain it well. The best canes are made of unpeeled rattan. Many people use canes made from bamboo, and although bamboo is easily available and reasonably sufficient for a first home-made cane, bamboo is a hard and hollow plant and this limits its possibilities and uses as a cane. Apart from this, bamboo tends to splinter when it breaks, which forms a risk for your (play)partner. Canes made from unpeeled rattan are stronger, heavier and more resilient than canes from peeled rattan because of the outer layer. There are many sorts of canes, and each cane is unique in its kind.

The structure of the cane depends on the material and the way it has been worked. This is why canes are slightly asymmetrical and differ among themselves. There are canes with and without a handle, we sell both types. The advantage of a cane with no handle is that the vibrations between the bodies of the Top and bottom are much better conducted. With a good grip and fine muscular movements from the fingers and wrist the Top can exercise full control over the bottom using the cane.


General Care

Canes available at our shop are soaked in brine and therefore need little care.
The rattan is imbued with salt crystals and therefore heavier, stronger and
more flexible and it draws moisture out of almost any environment. The cane
needs very little care to maintain its flexibility. You can place the cane in
the bathroom if it’s been under very dry circumstances, it will draw moisture
from the steam that develops from the hot water running during showering.
Furthermore the canes are finished with a layer of wax that will not crack or
peel off. If it is absolutely necessary you can clean your cane with diluted
bleach, but in general it’s sufficient to clean your cane with water and soap
and let it rest for 24 hours, this is enough to get rid of most possible bacteria
and pathogens. If you have used (or are planning to use) the cane at
play-parties it is wise to wipe it off with Lysol beforehand and afterwards.

Bending (straightening)

Occasionally you might find it necessary to straighten your cane when it’s a little bent. You can carefully bend the cane against the curve. The best way to do this is to hold the cane with both hands, thumbs out (flat on the cane) and facing each other, and place your thumbs next to the the curve and bend it
slowly. Then roll the cane between your fingers, you can feel where it needs to
be straightened at the points where you feel resistance before it turns over.
After this you can see the cane has become straighter if you look at it
alongside. Be careful to use the cane ‘against’ the bend and not ‘with’ the
bend, cause if you do the latter it might break.

Other than this each and every cane is unique and after some practice it can become a key to heavenly and hellish sensations!


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