Laced-Up Institute

Laced-Up Institute

The Laced-Up Institute for Alternative Sexual Education wants to improve your knowledge on alternative sexual topics in a fun way. We have workshops, a peer rope group, so there’s a good chance we have what you are looking for. We try to keep our educational program low cost, education important!


Our workshops cover a wide range of topics and we’re always working on providing more!  During a workshop, there will be lots of room for your experiences, questions and of course for a laugh or two! The maximum group size is different for each workshop, but will never exceed 25 people.

Some of our workshops take place in our boutique, while others are held at  a location that’s just a 10 minute walk from the boutique. Private workshops are available upon request.

An overview of all workshops is shown on this page, which contains at least these workshops:

  • BDSM for Beginners
  • Bondage for Beginners
  • Impact play 101

Most workshops will be in Dutch, but usually something can be arranged to make sure you can participate (either switching the language of the entire workshop or giving you a personal translator). Just send us an e-mail to see what the possibilities are for the workshop of your choice.

These workshops are in Dutch

Bondage for Beginners Workshop: TBA

Disability and workshops

We welcome people of all different abilities. However, we would love to get a heads-up, so we can brainstorm together how you can get the most out of the workshop you’re interested in. This can include thinking with you about building access, but also about having an interpreter  present, a change of snacks or relaying information in a different way. We have done this before and we are happy to do it again!

Peer Rope Group

The Peer Rope Group is a fun gathering every second Saturday of the month from 13:00 to 17:00 in the center of Utrecht. Here you are free to play around with rope and share your knowledge and experience with other people. You are absolutely welcome if you don’t have a lot of experience and would like to learn more.
Every month had a different theme, but you are always free to follow your own
path. Drinks at the bar have set prices and there is a voluntary donation where
you decide the amount. If you’d like to join you have to register.

For more
information or to register:


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