We understand it is a lot of information to take in all at once so we will quickly
summarize the information you need to keep your latex in perfect shape!

Latex is a natural material and is unfortunately very fragile in certain
circumstances, taking good care of it will make it last significantly longer.

Putting latex on:

  • make sure to take off any sharp jewelry and be careful with
  • use a dressing aid or 100% silicone oil/lube, either oil
    yourself or the inside of the garment.

Cleaning latex:

  • clean after every wear. Sweat, make-up and perfume
    deteriorate latex,
  • put the garment in a bucket with lukewarm water and a drop
    of dish soap (no citrus) or latex cleaner. Rub the latex clean and clean off
    all soap. Hang the garment to dry.

Caring for latex: we recommend using Vivishine, Vivishine spray or X-men silicone lube.

Storing latex:

  • make sure the latex is clean, dry and cared for before
    putting it away,
  • we recommend folding the latex and storing it flat in a
    ziplock bag,
  • avoid metal on latex contact.


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