Leather will stretch where consistent pressure is applied, which makes it easier to get a perfect fit! When you first try on leather pants they need to be tight, without taking away the ability to sit down. After a few wears it will have stretched where needed and be a lot more comfortable.

We keep the legs of our leather pants very long to accommodate people of many heights. Leather is very easy to hem yourself, no sewing required! You can just cut it along a straight edge ruler with a hobby/carpet knife. However we do advise to tuck it under until the pants are worn in. Many people keep it tucked instead of cutting it.

On the fence about keeping the lining? It all comes down to personal preference. The lining does protect the leather from unwanted stretching, especially around the knees, and is generally seen as a sign of quality. Taking the lining out enables you the feel the leather against the skin, it will be cooler and get rid of sweat quicker than with the lining.

To remove the lining you can cut the thread that connects it to the leather.

To keep your leather looking awesome we suggest using a high quality polish like Collonil Waterstop Colours. If you want to clean off fluids, it’s best to use Pjur Med Clean. For deep cleaning the leather we advise using saddle soap.

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