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een cadeutje… Merry Christmas! Please excuse my poor Nederlands. I am disabled and I can’t speak, read or write Nederlands well.


Laced-Up Project is giving a holiday gift to everyone that wants it:

14 February, we are opening “gezellig: A Safe Space” community center at Korte Jansstraat 8!


Next year on December 25th, we are hosting a potluck-dinner at gezellig for everyone that does not celebrate the holidays or finds this to be a challenging time of the year.


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Resources for Support from Laced-Up Project


Our community taking care of each other is essential. Here are resources we hope will be helpful to you.


If you are struggling or in crisis please immediately get some help. If you can, reach out to professional help and someone that can support you.


If you want to talk with a coach or therapist about things like your feelings of loneliness, work, addiction, sexuality, etc., it is important to have a therapist or coach that affirms your identity such as practitioners that are sex positive, LGBTQ+ & kink-friendly etc.



Please help make this a better & more comprehensive resource.


Be well,

Sarah & the Laced-Up Project Volunteers


NOTE: Please be aware that we are not mental health professionals. Just folks trying to help.

The Project has no links to the organizations listed.


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Resources for Support from Laced-Up Project

Stichting Arosa

Organization that offers support and referrals to women in abusive situations.

Contact for help and support regarding child and domestic abuse:

Een Veilig Thuis
0800 – 2000


Algemene contactgegevens Arosa:
Kantoor- en postadres:
Stichting Arosa
Vulcanusweg 279
2624 AV  Delft
010 – 4769044

Contactgegevens publiciteit: (niet voor stage-aanvragen)
06 – 22210507 (b.g.g. 010 – 4769044)

Voor stages en afstuderen bij Arosa:
Stage: stuur je CV en motivatiebrief naar (vermeld ook de periode).
Afstuderen: stuur een verzoek naar Wij gaan dan voor je na of er mogelijkheden zijn.

OpvangAtlas Search engine to find housing locations for those in need of shelter. Works in situations/resources/referral regarding homelessness, domestic violence,sexual exploitation, recent release from the prison system in the NL.


Slachtoffer HULP Nederlands : Victim Support Netherlands helps after crimes, traffic accidents, disasters and calamities.

U kunt bij ons terecht voor emotionele steun, wij ondersteunen in het strafproces en helpen u uw schade vergoed te krijgen. We helpen u vandaag verder. Op het moment dat u dat wilt, op een manier die bij u past.

You can come to us for emotional support, we support in the criminal proceedings and help you get compensation for your damage.  We will help you further today. The moment you want it, in a way that suits you. Includes support for crimes related to sexual and domestic violence spectrum and suicide support.

Contact: 0900-0101 (Helpline expected cost associated)

Mon-Fri 8am -8pm; Saturday 10am-5pm

PsyQ We provide state-of-the-art, discreet and professional support for all mental health challenges for internationals and expatriates living in the Netherlands. Many expats face additional stressors such as having to adapt to a new culture, missing family and friends back home or feeling isolated or misunderstood. At PsyQ International we understand these additional factors and take them into account in our tailor-made treatments.

Contact: Open on weekdays from 08.30 until 17.00 and on Tuesday and Thursday from 08.30 until 20.00.

Phone: +31 (0)88 357 3478
Mobile: +31 (0)6 52568382
Fax: +31 (0)88 3584204

Address: PsyQ International
Jan van Nassaustraat 125
2596 BS Den Haag

Mental Health Resource (Through Ministry) : Question and answer page in English on how to get mental health services through general practitioner.


Amsterdam Mamas (Useful article) Very useful article includes links to the following resources:

  • Veiligthuis(National Domestic Violence, Child Abuse & Elderly Abuse Hotline): tel. 0800 2000 (24/7 free number)
  • Blijf Groep(North Holland domestic violence shelter group): tel. 020 611 6022
  • Stichting Korrelatie(for help with relationship problems): tel. 0900 1450
  • The primary aid linefor help after sexual violence: tel. 020 613 0245

Organisations that provide information and support in English:

For undocumented individuals and asylum seekers:

For violent partners or family members, there is a programme for behavioural change where he/she can learn to control their aggression. In some cases, the victims of domestic violence find that once their partner joins such a group, the violence at home decreases. Addresses of such therapy and self-help groups are available from Veiligthuis, Blijf Groep, social workers, and women’s centres. For undocumented individuals and refugees, contacts at refugee organisations are available.

Police Number:

For urgent issues, call 112 where an operator will call the police (and other urgent services if necessary) who are nearest to you. This phone line is free of charge. Use if you are in immediate threat.

Children’s Hotline (found in the Amsterdam Mama’s article. Useful for any visitors to the website who may be underage or visitors to the page who may have children who are within a domestic violence situation).

In the Netherlands, children and teenagers can call the children’s hotline for any issues they face, or they can read about their issues and chat in forums dedicated to children on this special website. The hotline is 0800 0432 (free of charge) and is open every day from 2-8pm.  Voor zakelijke of andere vragen is het landelijk bureau van De Kindertelefoon te bereiken op:
Telefoonnummer: 030 34 104 00

The telephone number is 0900 1 262626. The call costs a few cents per minute and is open only during office hours



The Blijfgroep provides information, support and safe (anonymous) shelters to people in need of protection and assistance. Their website provides information in Dutch and in English.
Voor hulp:

Voor hulp, advies en informatie belt u:
088 234 24 50


› Children’s Hotline

In the Netherlands, children and teenagers can call the children’s hotline for any issues they face, or they can read about their issues and chat in forums dedicated to children on this special website. The hotline is 0800 0432 (free of charge) and is open every day from 2-8pm.







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