Putting on your corset by yourself

Step One:

Untie the knot at the back and completely loosen the laces (yes, completely). So there won’t be any pressure on the busk. This is the closing on the front.

Step two:
Wrap the corset around yourself and hook the busk. The easiest way to close it is to start with the second hook on the bottom, this way it won’t unhook again. Then move both sides over each other until it is entirely closed.

Step three:
Make sure the corset is put on straight and on the right height. 

Step four:
Move your hips/waist around so the corset finds your natural waist.

Step five:
Adjust your modesty panel if necessary (the flap under the laces).

Step six:
Find the bunny ears in the back and pull them evenly.

Step seven:
Find the top cross and pull it down, do the same with the second, third, etc. till you are in the middle.

Step eight:
Repeat step seven from the bottom up.

Step nine:
Repeat step eight and nine until the corset is tightened. The first couple of times a new corset is worn it should not be snug, not tight. The corset needs some time to get used to your body and the pressure.

Step 10:
Look awesome in your corset!

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